Scientific Programme



10-12 March 2018

Scientific Programme

Day-1 (Saturday): 10 March 2018

Spot Registration

(Auditorium Lobby)


Inaugural Programme

(KIB Auditorium)

10:30-11:00 Inaugural Break


11:00-12:40 Plenary Session– I: Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering Education, Training and Certification

(KIB Auditorium)

Chair: Hasin Anupama Azhari (BD)

Co-Chair: Renate Walter (DE)

11:00-11:20 PS-01 Certification in Medical Physics: A Pathway to the Future Tomas Kron  (AU)
11:20-11:40 PS-02 AAPM’s International Educational Endeavors and Resources Yakov Pipman (USA)
11:40-12:00 PS-03 Medical Physicists Certification Process and Examination in the Middle East Ibrahim Duhaini (LB)
12:00-12:20 PS-04 A 35 Year Cooperation with our Colleagues in Developing Countries Karl-Heinz Hoever (DE)
12:20-12:40 PS-05 Cooperation in Medical Physics between Bangladesh and Germany Golam Abu Zakaria (BD/DE)
12:30-13.30 Lunch
13:30-15.00 Vendor Presentations

(KIB Auditorium)

Chair: Golam Abu Zakaria (BD/DE)

Co-Chair: Mollah Obayedullah Baki

13:30-13.50 VP-1  Halcyon- The new Technology Paradigm Timothy Clark (Varian)
13:50-14:15 VP-2 Optimizing Outcomes in Radiation Oncology Srinivas  Chilkuri (Varian)
14:15-15:00 VP-3 Advances in Radiation Therapy/70 Years History

Krish Suthanthiran


15:00-16:30 Parallel Session – I (A): Dosimetry & QA – 1

(3D Seminar Hall)

Chair: Venkataraman Poopathi (IN)          

Co-Chair: Kumaresh Chandra Paul (BD)

15:00-15:20 IV-01 Total Marrow Irradiation Using Volumetric Arc Therapy-  Dosimetric Study Paul Ravindran (IN)
15:20-15:40 IV-02 Study on Displacement Perturbation Factor at Cylindrical Chambers in High Energy Photon and Electron Beams Kumaresh Chandra Paul (BD)
15:40-15:50 OP-01 Development and Implementation of Physical Anthropomorphic Phantom for Radiation Dose Assessment and Verification to Predict the Probability of Occurrence of Second Malignancies for Patients Undergoing Radiotherapy Mary Joan (IN)
15:50-16:00 OP-02 Out-Of-Field Radiation Organ Dose Measurements and Associated Secondary Cancer Risk Estimation in Patients Treated with Breast Cancer in Lebanon Sara Kaouk (LB)
16:00-16:10 OP-03 Comparative Study of Two Paraffin Wax Phantom for the Daily Quality Assurance of a Medical Linear Accelerator Md. Ashikur Rahman (BD)
16:10-16:20 OP-04 Measurement of Radiation Dose In urine of Post Ablated Patients with Thyroid Carcinoma Ayesha Khatun (BD)
16:20-16:30 OP-05 Patient-Specific Quality Control (QC) for IMRT and VMAT Techniques: A Practical Proposal for Radiotherapy Centres in Bangladesh Abu Kausar (BD)

Parallel Session- I(B): Radiobiology & Radiation Protection


Chair: Kazi Obaidul Awal (BD)

Co-Chair: Md. Anwarul Islam (BD)

15:00-15:20 IV-03 View of Radiation Protection: Pregnant Women and Patient Hasin Anupama Azhari (BD)
15:20-15:40 IV-04 Regulatory Aspects of Medical Physicists in Radiation Oncology: Bangladesh Perspective Kazi Obaidul Awal (BD)
15:40-16:00 IV-05 Emerging Quantities to Describe Radiation Dose to Patients Undergoing Clinical Imaging Syed Mansoor Naqvi (PK)
16:00-16:10 OP-06 Measurement of Indoor Radon Activity Concentration Level at Different Locations of Dhaka City Shikha Pervin (BD)
16:10-16:20 OP-07 Calculation of Radiation Shielding for Megavoltage Gamma-Ray Facility Using Monte Carlo Code EGSnrc Nguyen Thi Cam Tu  (VN)
16:20-16:30 OP-08 Assessment of Exposure from Radon in Different Groundwater of Dhaka Shikha Pervin (BD)
16:30-16:50 Tea Break
DAY-2 (Sunday): 11 MARCH 2018

Spot Registration 

(Ground Lobby)


Plenary Session– II: Recent Trends in Radiation Oncology and Medical Physics

(3D Seminar Hall)

Chair: Md. Ehteshamul Hoque (BD)

Co-Chair: Yakov Pipman (USA)

09:00-09:20 PS-06 Solar-Powered Radiotherapy 4.0 – Change for Radio-Oncology in Low-Income Countries Holger Wirtz (DE)
09:20-09:40 PS-07 Innovation in Radio-Oncology – Could There are Collateral Damages Martina Treiber (DE)
09:40-10:00 PS-08 Motion Management in Radiotherapy: from 4DCT to Breath Hold Tomas Kron (AU)
10:00-10:20 Tea Break
(TR 2 + TR 3)

Parallel Session- II(A): Brachytherapy

(3D Seminar Hall)

Chair: Sarwar Alam (BD)

Co-Chair: Bipasha Paul (IN)

10:2010:40 IV-06 Dose Measurement in the Steep Dose Gradient around Brachytherapy Sources Frank W. Hensley (DE)
10:4011:00 IV-07 Image-Based Gynaecological Brachytherapy: New Developments Hasin Anupama Azhari (BD)
11:00-11:20 IV-08 Quality Assurance in Brachytherapy Frank W. Hensley (DE)
11:20-11:40 IV-09 Benefits of Modern HDR Brachytherapy Renate Walter (DE)
11:40-12:00 IV-10 A Comparison of Dose at Point “A” and OAR’s between C-Arm  Based Plan and CT-Based Plan for a Number of Patients in BEBIG Cobalt-60 Multisource Afterloader for Gynecological Applications Arupratan Nandi (IN)
10:20-11:50 Parallel Session- II (B): Radiology And Imaging


Chair: Shahara Haque Zerin (BD)

Co-Chair: Md Khalilur Rahman (BD)

10:20-10:30 OP-09 Thyroid Gland Scatter Radiation Dose Measurement of Digital Screening Mammography in Women Aged 40-60 Years at Lanka Hospital-Colombo Kukathasan Elakkiya (LK)
10:30-10:40 OP-10 Establishment of CT Diagnostic Reference Levels in Nigeria for Adult CT Examinations: A Regional Study of CT Dose in Lagos Michael Akpochafor (NG)
10:40-10:50 OP-11 Neutron Imaging and Tomography with Medipix2 and Dental Microroentgenography: An Overview Md. Nazrul Islam (BD)
10:50-11:00 OP-12 Detection of  Malignant Breast Mass by High-Resolution Diagnostic Ultrasonography: A Case Report Ferdous Sharmin (BD)
11:00-11:10 OP-13 Sonochemical Degradation of Rhodamine B in the Presence of Ultrasound with Different Additives Md. Tanjirul Huda (BD)
11:10-11:20 OP-14 A Cross-Sectional Study on Utilization of Radiology & Imaging Equipment in the District Hospitals of Bangladesh Mofazzal Hossain (BD)
11:20-11:30 OP-15 Estimation of Patient Organ Dose from CT Examinations Using the Impact CT Patient Dosimetry Calculator Michael Akpochafor  (NG)
11:30-11:40 OP-16 Study On Radiation Safety Measurement Practice among the Radiological Technologist Working with Selected Radio-Diagnostic Centre in Dhaka City Jahirul Islam Bhuiyan (BD)
11:40-11:50 OP-17 Evaluation of the Role of 3D Reconstruction Technique in Traumatic CT-Head Scans Shailesh Giri (NP)
12:00-13:00 Lunch

Parallel Session- III(A): Radiation Oncology & Treatment Planning-1

(3D Seminar Hall)

Chair: M. A. Hai (BD)

Co-Chair: Martina Treiber (DE)

13:00-13:20 IV-11 Challenges of Practicing Stereotactic Radiosurgery with Modern LINAC NOVALIS Tx Venkataraman Poopathi (IN)
13:20-13:40 IV-12 Proton Beam Radiotherapy: Current Development of Delivery Verification Using Prompt Gamma Jeyasingam Jeyasugiththan (LK)
13:40-14:00 IV-13 Civil and Mechanical Modifications in a 300 Ma Diagnostic X-Ray Installation- Application for Radiotherapy Planning Ramamoorthy Ravichandran  (IN)
14:00-14:10 OP-18 Helical Tomotherapy in Esophagus Cancer: A Comparison Plan of IMRT and 3DCRT to Find Better Conformal Target Coverage and More Homogeneous Dose Distribution Asawari Pawaskar (IN)
14:10-14:20 OP-19 The New Technology ‘IORT’ for Breast Cancer Treatment and Comparison its Output Factors Using Detectors M. Rafiqul Islam  (BD)
14:20-14:30 OP-20 Hybrid IMRT in Ca-Breast: Initial Experience in Nepal Suresh Poudel (NP)
14:30-14:40 OP-21 Commissioning of a Digital Linac (Elekta Synergy) in Bangladesh Md. Mostafizur Rahman (BD)

Parallel Session- III(B): Dosimetry & QA-2


Chair: Rashid Un Nabi (BD)

Co-Chair: Aliya Shahanaz (BD)

13:00-13:20 IV-14 Challenges with Patient-Individual Online Plan Verification Andreas Block  (DE)
13:20-13:40 IV-15 A New MC Based Approach to Understand The Determination of Absorbed Dose with a Detector Guenther Hartmann (DE)
13:40-14:00 IV-16 Safety Management in Radiotherapy (RT 4.0): Centralization and Automation of QA Processes + Risk Analysis Holger Wirtz (DE)
14:00-14:20 IV-17 Commissioning of Stereotactic Cones for Versa HD Using Flattened and Unflattened 6 MV Beams Bipasha Paul (IN)
14:20-14:30 OP-22 Online Dose Verification for IMRT Technique Using Edose Software Mohaimenul Islam (BD)
14:30-14:40 OP-23 Performance Evaluation of XVMC Algorithm with Variation in Depth of Prescription: Dosimetric Comparison of Bolus Materials Teerthraj Verma  (IN)
14:40-14:50 OP- 24 The Effect of Energy Variations for Photon Beams on Tissue Inhomogeneity Correction Factors Md. Akhtaruzzaman  (PL)


Tea Break

(TR- 1 + TR Lobby)


Poster Session


Chair: Mohammad Ali Asgar (BD), Somnath Dey (BD)

Co-Chair: Tomas Kron (AU), Jeyasingam Jeyasugiththan (LK), Md. Anwar Hossain (BD), Zahid Hasan Mahmood (BD), Md. Anwarul Islam (BD) Farzana Ferdous (BD)

Coordinator: Abu Kausar (BD)

PP-01 Challenges Facing Cancer Prevention in India Shankar Bhagat (IN)
PP-02 Independent Checking System of Total Treatment Time in High Dose Rate Brachytherapy for Cervix Carcinoma Farzana Proma (BD)
PP-03 DVH (Dose Volume Histogram) Analysis of Different Types of Head & Neck Cases Shahanaz Parvin(BD)
PP-04 Photo Sweep: A Cost-Efficient Approach to Sterilization at Healthcare Facilities Md. Ashrafuzzaman (BD)
PP-05 Determination of Effective Dose of Thyroid Gland in Nuclear Diagnostic During Thyroid Scan  Maryam Mumu (BD)
PP-06 Measurement of Setup Margin for Brain tumor by Using Electronic Portal Imaging Device and Cone Beam Computed Tomography Rakibul Hasan(BD)
PP-07 Verification of Dose Calculation for Cervical Carcinoma Cases Treated with HDR Brachytherapy with 192Irand 60Cophoton Sources According to HEBD Report 229 Sadia Afrin Sarah(BD)
PP-08 60Co Beam Treatment Time Calculation Md. Ashraful Islam(BD)
PP-09 Lung Dose Verification In Different 3DCRT Planning Techniques During Breast Irradiation M. Juel Khondakar(BD)
PP-10 Training Report on Quality Control and Maintenance of Radiotherapy at Klinikum Brandenburg Faruk Hossain (BD)
PP-11 Normal Reference Values for Thyroid Uptake of 99mtechnetium Pertechnetate for the Bangladeshi Population H M Munna (BD)
PP-12 Dosimetric Comparison of 2DCRT, 2DCRT with MLC, 3DCRT and IMRT Techniques in Small Volume Tumor Fahadin Hakim (BD)
PP-13 Measurement of Setup Margin for Head & Neck Cancer by Using Electronic Portal Imaging Device (EPID) and Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Jakirul Islam Jakey (BD)
PP-14 Automatic X-Ray Radiation Field Lamp Adjustment Technology Using PIR Motion Sensor Md. Atiqur Rahman (BD)
PP-15 Smart Walking Stick: Assistance for Visually Impaired Underprivileged People Md. Ashrafuzzaman (BD)
PP-16 Study of Organ Motion (Liver, Lung Volume) and GTV Volume Variation Using Different Mode of Computed Tomography Abbas Ali (BD)
PP-17 Study of Organ Motion for (Kidney And Spleen) and GTV Volume Comparison Using Different Mode of Computed Tomography (CT) Umme Kulsum (BD)
PP-18 Independent Checking System of Total Treatment Time in HDR Vaginal Carcinoma Jakir Hossain Imran(BD)
PP-19 Quality Assurance of External Photon Beam Data on Treatment Planning System Md. Sajan Hossain (BD)
PP-20 Overview of  Radiation therapy and Medical Physicist at Vietnam Nguyen Thi Cam Tu (VN)
PP-21 Design and Development of a Micro-Controller Based Floor Radiation Monitor Md. Moshiur Rahman (BD)
PP-22 Measurement of Patient Set-Up Errors and CTV to PTV Margin Calculation: a Comparison Between EPID and CBCT Md. NazmulAlim (BD)
PP-23 A New Approach of Semi-3D Computer Treatment Planning Using Plaster of Paries for Breast Carcinoma Nazrul Islam (BD)
PP-24 Knowledge on Hazards of Ionizing Radiation among MD Residents Deelip Saund (NP)
PP-25 Importance and Preparedness of the Radiology Department for Disaster Pradip Sharma (NP)
PP-26 Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for Localized Peripheral Lung Tumor with Deep Inspiration Breath Holds Technique Mahabub Alam (BD)
PP-27 Dosimetric Comparison of 2DCRT without MLC, 2DCRT with MLC, 3DCRT, and IMRT in Carcinoma of Cervix Moumita Afrin Rakhi (BD)
PP-28 Dosimetric Verification of Reference Air Kerma Rate for HDR Afterloading Units with 192Ir and 60Co Photon Source: Comparison of Different International Protocols Md. Jobairul Isalm (BD)
PP-29 Things That Need to be Considered Before Giving Contrast Media in Radiology Department Suraj Sah (NP)
PP-30 Evaluation of Image Quality in CT Chest by 50% Mass Reduction Niranjan Thapa (NP)
PP-31 Comparison of Physical Parameter of IMRT and VMAT According to ICRU 83 Protocol Sajal Ahmed (BD)

Cultural Programme & Congress Dinner

(Bangladesh Institute of Administration and Management (BIAM))

DAY-3 (Monday): 12 MARCH 2018

Parallel Session – IV(A): Radiation Oncology & Treatment Planning-2

(3D Seminar Hall)

Chair: Kailash Chandra Mishra (BD)

Co-Chair: Karthik Raj Mani (BD)

09:00-9:20 IV-18 Radiation Incidents and Accidents in Radiotherapy Golam Abu Zakaria (BD/DE)
09:20-9:30 OP-25 Determination of Patient Set-Up Errors and Optimal CTV-PTV Margin Square Oncology and Radiotherapy Centre Based on Offline Review Md. Anwarul Islam(BD)
09:30-9:40 OP-26 Determination of the Half Beam Block Factor Using Breast Treatment Device & its Effect on Treatment Time Calculation for Breast Cancer Radiotherapy in Cobalt-60 Machine at BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital, Chitwan, Nepal Sandip Dhakal (NP)
09:40-09:50 OP-27 Estimation of Radiation-Induced Second Cancer Risk Associated with Institutional Field Matching Craniospinal Irradiation Technique for Medulloblastoma Patients: A Comparative Treatment Planning Study Hemalatha Athiyaman (IN)
09:50-10:00 OP-28 Photon Boost After Lumpectomy in Breast Cancer and Acute Toxicities in NwGH & RC Muhammad Aqeel (PK)
10:00-10:10 OP-29 The Role of the Radiotherapy Technologist in Prospective Evaluation of Quality of Life Scores in Patients with Head-Neck Cancer on Radical Chemoradiotherapy: A Pilot Study Debojoyti Dhar (IN)
10:10-10:20 OP-30 Radiotherapy Portal Imaging Using FUJI IP Cassette Type CC Quan Nguyen Tien (VN)
10:20-10.30 OP-31 Investigating the Effect of Lung Absorbed Dose Pulmonary Function in Radiotherapy of Breast Cancer Maede Hasan Abdali  (IR)

Parallel Session – IV (B): Biomedical Engineering


Chair: Md. Kamrul Hasan (BD)

Co-Chair: Holger Wirtz (DE)

09.00-09.20 IV-19 Vibrant 3D Scaffolds for Advanced Regenerative Therapy – an Emerging Technology Md. Enamul Hoque (BD)
09.20-09.30 OP-32 Characterization of Breast tumours Using FIM. Syeda Rufaida Mahmud (BD)
09.30-09.40 OP-33 Importance of Biomedical Engineers in the Dialysis Centres and Hospitals Sumon Roy (BD)
09.40-09.50 OP-34 Medical Image Processing in Cone Beam Computed Tomography Shamim Ahmed  (DE)
09.50-10.00 OP-35 Prospects of 3D Printer for Biomedical Applications Rashed Al Amin (BD)
10.00-10.10 OP-36 Anodyne Synthesis of Co-Fe Alloy Nanoparticles for Hyperthermia and Drug Delivery Application Rubayet Tanveer (BD)

Tea Break

(TR 2 + TR 3)


Parallel Session – V (A): General

 (3D Seminar Hall)

Chair: Frank W. Hensley (DE)

Co-Chair: Safayet Zaman (BD)

 10:50-11:10 IV-20 Resources to Run an RT Department – Staffing and Materials Yakov Pipman (USA)
11:10-11:30 IV-21 Medical Physics Education and Training in MEFOMP Countries Ibrahim Duhaini (LB)
11:30-11:50 IV -22 Cancer Screening Rokaya Sultana  (BD)
11:50-12:00 OP-37 Medical Physics Education, Profession and As a Career For Women in Bangladesh: Problems and Perspective Kazi Towmim Afrin (BD)
12:00-12:10 OP-38 Investigating Prompt Gamma Production Using a Geant4 Model of AFRODITE Detector System RamanathanVijitha (LK)
12:10-12:20 OP-39 Average Size and Shape of Surrogate’s Red Blood Cells by Pc Based Laser Diffraction Technique Mohammed Shoaib Syed (IN)
12:20-12:30 OP-40 Acceptance Test & Commissioning of Elektasynergy Linear Accelerator for Photon Beam Jahanara Khatun (BD)
12:30-12:40 OP-41 HDR 60Co Brachytherapy Machines Installation and Quality Management Md. Shahidul Islam (BD)
12:40-12:50 OP-42 Patient Setup Verification During Treatment Delivery Using EPID Rukaiya Akther(BD)
12:50-13.00 OP-43 Source Design and Calculation of Air-Kerma Strength of The New Isoseed Model I25.S17 125I for Interstitial Brachytherapy Using Egsnrc Monte Carlo Modelling Pushpen Chakraborty (BD)
13.00-13.10 OP-44 Dosimetry in Nuclear Medicine: Comparison of The Absorbed Dose in Human Brain for Different Radiopharmaceuticals Md. Abu Saif Tahsin (BD)

Parallel Session- V (B): Nuclear Medicine &Molecular Imaging


Chair: Sanowar Hossain (BD)

Co-Chair: Molla Abdul  Wahab  (BD)

10:50-11:10 IV-23 Impact of PET-CT in Colorectal  Cancer Molla Abdul  Wahab  (BD)
11:10-11:30 IV-24 Production of No Carrier Added Theranostic Radionuclide 186Re Via AVF Cyclotron Mayeen Uddin Khandaker  (MY)
11:30-11:50 IV-25 In-Vivo Molecular Imaging: A Paradigm in Personalized and Precision Medicine Mahbubunnabi Tamal (UK)
11:50-12:10 IV-26 Feasibility of 99mtc Auger and Conversion Electrons in Radiotherapy Jeyasingam Jeyasugiththan (LK)
12:10-12:20 OP-45 Estimation of Internal Exposure From Bioassay Sample of Nuclear Medicine Workers in NIMMAS, Dhaka Jannatul Ferdous (BD)
12:20-12:30 OP-46 Evaluation of Renal Function by 99mtc-DTPA Renal Dynamic Imaging Shermin Khurshida  (BD)
12:30-12:50 OP-47 Open Source Collaborative Infrastructure for International Multicenter Molecular Imaging Research Mahabubur  Rahman  (JP)
13:10-14:00 Lunch

Public Awareness and Media Session

(3D Seminar Hall)


Valedictory Session

(3D Seminar Hall)


Please Download pdf file: Final Program_schedule ICMPROI-2018